Tips & Tricks for a High Performance Law Firm Website

Have You Convinced Them You Know What It’s Like to Be in Their Shoes?

Row of black shoes and boots on a wooden floor, in front of a white wall.

It’s important to recognize that if visitors feel that you aren’t the best match, or if it takes too long for them to find exactly what they want, they will abandon your site and look elsewhere for another lawyer.

Using intuitive menu navigation, noticeable headlines, and detailed pages for each individual legal service you offer, will ensure that users feel comfortable that this site might be a good solution for their legal issues.

As the site continues to engage visitors, we want to keep their attention of your ideal clients (or referral sources) and talk to them as if you know what it’s like to be in their shoes.

Don’t assume that because you can help write a contract or living trust, they will automatically believe you are the right lawyer for them with their particular issues. You need to establish yourself as a top provider with experience handling clients just like them.

Using testimonials, success stories, and frequently asked questions shows visitors that other people were in similar situations, and your firm helped them.

An “about us” page or engaging photos will transform you from a faceless entity to a group of expert lawyers that people can relate to.

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