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Have You Thought About the Value of Audience Targeting for Growing Your Law Practice Online?

Target audience (marketing) concept. Businessman think about target audience and customers.

When we approach a new lawyer website project, we start with a discussion to see what your marketplace looks like in regards to four very different sets of people (and companies):

      • Your current clients
      • The types of potential clients you want to target.
      • The different types of referral sources (usually other lawyers and service providers)
      • Your local (and sometimes national) competitors.

Each of these audiences needs to be analyzed to discover and understand their online browsing habits. We then need to have landing pages with content that addresses the needs of each audience member.

Certainly you would agree that your message to another lawyer is going to be very different than the message to a potential client.

Once we have filled in the boxes of what we call the“Marketplace Matrix”, we then do some analytical research to answer the following questions:

      • What kind of online user experience do competing firms provide on their websites?
      • Do other relevant law firms invest much in their site experiences to attract clients?
      • What kind of messaging are relevant firms targeting in their body copy?
      • Do competitor firms look to attract clients via online channels (e.g. search engines)?
      • Do potential clients search the internet to find service providers like you?

We take this Matrix review above and combine it with a deeper understanding of your current website goals in order to identify the ideal “personas” who we want to attract to your site.

By learning who they are and how they browse the Web, we can help you find the best ways to present your brand messaging and connect and communicate with them in a language they will be more prone to respond to.

We don’t just want to drive visitors to your site – we want to drive visitors that convert into more business for your firm.

Reviewing other similarly situated service providers(even from in and outside California)gives us perspective on the way they present their real estate and receivership services to the audiences they are targeting.

By understanding your marketplace, we will be able to better see what your website will need and use this to fuel our design and presentation strategy.

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