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Our founders have been online since 1996 and have seen platforms come and go through the years. We’ve seen closed sourced (think black box) and open source (all the code is open) and hybrid solutions. What we’ve come to realize is that what’s more important than the software platform is the support system behind the software.

WordPress reminds us of how Excel simply destroyed Lotus123 once Microsoft invited software coders to write scripts for Excel. The floodgates of coders who twisted and tweaked Excel to automate reports and present data that was previously inaccessible before to the common person just wiped the floor of all competitors.

Ultimately, WordPress has accomplished the same spectacular feat. There are tens of thousands of plugins and scripts to hack WordPress for your specific needs. And because of this growing fan base, it simply means that if lawyers get divorced from their “web designer” they can very quickly move to another provider and get incredible support for their website.

  • We endorse this flexibility and sense of freedom. That’s why we build sites in WordPress.
  • Since we’ve made the decision to use WordPress, this page will briefly describe some benefits you should expect with your Law Practice Site.
  • Built-in html editor means you can quickly add a new lawyer (with a photo) or a blog post or a piece of news. Or just give this to an intern to take care of. The point is that it’s easy.
  • We pre-install plugins designed to make your administration of the site simply easier.
  • We install other plugins to enhance security, make the site more search engine friendly and automate certain tasks.
  • Because the site includes pre-configured templates, you can receive changes to the site pretty quickly instead of waiting weeks for a programmer to have time.
  • Pages can load quickly with cache technology available at no extra cost.
  • All photos and videos can be stored in a digital asset library in the cloud.
  • Want to link to a YouTube video? We make that easy too.
  • A blog is pre-installed if you want to start blogging or assign other people in your office to blog too.
  • Your site is mobile friendly so it will work on a tablet or mobile device quite well.
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