Security Concerns?

We Keep Your Law Firm Website Secure

Because WordPress is extremely popular for lawyers, it is also subject to hundreds of thousands of hacking attempts on an ongoing basis. Since it’s a favorite target for bad hacks, we know that we have to take precautions to protect your site and your visitor’s data.

Here are a variety of the best practices to decrease your risk of getting violated:

  • Keep your WordPress site and plugins up-to-date
  • Rename your WordPress login URL to hide it
  • We give you a private login ID instead of using the default “admin” username
  • We encourage long and strong passwords
  • We can provide an optional SSL certificate for secured WordPress hosting
  • We run daily scans on the server for viruses and malware
  • We actually run an IP block so only someone whitelisted to access the server can login to the admin area
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