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Are Your Visitors Looking for an Invite to the Back Room or Are They Itching to Leave For Another Show?

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The last key component in our communication and connection strategy is the “call to action.”This is the mechanism to get the lead, sale or referral. This puts all the previous steps into action.

Your site needs multiple methods for connection including:

  • A “Contact Us” page
  • A map to your location
  • A phone number for a free consultation)
  • A contact lead generation form should be present or available on the homepage for a visitor to immediately sign up (for something of value) and register as an active lead in your system.

Calls to action should be featured on every page, at the top or in the margins, urging visitors to reach out and connect.

We’ve even seen sites use the verbiage “let’s connect” instead of “call us”.

Even in today’s Facebook economy where people tend to communicate digitally, the idea of being geographically desirable is not something to take lightly. Having clear links to your Google Maps pages with directions to your offices can also enhance your search engine optimization rankings.

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