Tips & Tricks for a High Performance Law Firm Website

The 9 Essential Steps You Must Take to Achieve the Status of a High Performance Law Firm Site

  1. Study competitor sites to see what best practices (content and functionality) you should include in your site design and content.
  2. Figure out all the pages you need to include in the architecture of your website.
  3. Utilize a visual branding strategy that includes a color scheme, strong graphics, and the subtleties that transform the mediocre into magical.
  4. Write a few positioning statements that clearly introduce your core value propositions in words that speak to visitors from their point of view. (use terms like you not we)
  5. Lay out the content and site navigation to give an intuitive browsing experience that moves people from page to page like butter on toast.
  6. Ensure your sales funnel is active with clear call-to-action opportunities for people to call or email you for more information.
  7. Integrate Google analytics and webmaster accounts so you can measure results. Nothing kills all these efforts more than a lack of attention to actual performance.
  8. Initiate an ongoing content creation campaign so that you are publishing at least monthly to your site. This is great for search engines and for reputational purposes.
  9. Add tools for search engine rankings optimization and social sharing to keep your site in front of people more often.


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