Tips & Tricks for a High Performance Law Firm Website

Wondering What Guides Us in Finding a Way to Tell Your Unique Law Firm Story?

Story of success written on an old typewriter

Well let’s review your goals again since this will put everything we’ve been writing about into the perspective it deserves. Remember, these are the 3 core objectives of your law firm website:

  1. To inform visitors of your legal capabilities, experience and excellence.
  2. To transform visitors into actionable leads and referrals.
  3. To provide a captivating user experience that guides visitors through your site and gets them to convert (call you, buy something online or fill out a form to leave you their email address).

Sounds pretty easy right?

All you need are a few web pages a nice free template that you can install in WordPress with cheap hosting from one of those ubiquitous $100 a year hosting companies, right?

Sure. and this solution comes with free cookies too.

Seriously, who are you kidding.

You want to bill $350 an hour (or more) and you think that a free or $50 template is going to compare to a professionally designed website?

We are not saying that you have to put in a monumental effort like climbing the Andes mountains – but there are steps to consider, decisions to make and paths to follow that will lead to a far greater destiny for your law practice than the cheap route of a me-too website.

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