Tips & Tricks for a High Performance Law Firm Website

Remember Julie from the Love Boat? Her Job Was to Get People Feeling Comfortable.

Smiling female applauding at conference between her colleagues

Now of course Ivan Dixon’s job was getting them hammered so it didn’t matter. But we can’t get all our visitors instantly inebriated so the next best alternative is to find a way to help visitors feel they are in the right place for their needs.

To do this, you want to help them quickly see what it is that you are offering to do for them.

Hey, there’s no magic here.

Just get some captivating images and headlines.

Or put a list of legal services together.

Or include a dynamic navigation bar that includes a drop down option with links to pages that appear to address this question of “what is the site all about.”

We think of this step as connecting your legal services to the needs of the 4 personas you are targeting (all at the same time sometimes).

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