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You Deserve a Modern, Mobile Friendly Law Firm Website

The mobile version of your website can contain all of the same information as the main large screen version of your website. The visual display though will be optimized for a mobile and tablet viewing experience. Additionally, you only need to enter data one time in your Admin area because all changes are dynamically stored in a database making things a whole lot easier to manage.

Have you heard of this movement called Mobile First – the idea that sites should be designed first for the mobile user and then for tablets, laptops and desktops? Though mobile users expect a similar experience to the “big screen” there are limitations which force the structure of the page to vary from device to device and screen to screen.

We don’t really do this mobile first thing. Rather we do something we called Mobile Sensitive. The idea is to give an optimal experience to both sets of users knowing that both sets of users will give up something in their experience as long as it has a minimal negative impact overall.

The key for us has been to figure out what elements should appear for each type of user and cater to that set of needs. We’ve used analytic software, video recordings and other insights to build law firm websites that address the needs of existing clients, referring lawyers and servic providers and prospective clients.

Here are the core value points your mobile site includes:

  • Because mobile devices don’t have a mouse, there is no hovering function yet on a mobile. So everything is about swiping and clicking. We use big buttons to make things easy when we can. And we space out links to avoid clicking the wrong link.
  • Haptic feedback is controlled by your device. So to add some more responsiveness we aim to visually convey to the user that a link or button has been clicked. We can do this by showing the button changing or highlighting a link that has been clicked.
  • Instead of using multiple columns to convey information, we shift information to a longer scrolling experience. One item at a time in a sense.
  • Drop down menus are still useful and we just work on the usability of them again and again with each deployment.
  • Your site uses a detection script to figure out what device a site visitor is using and then presents a mobile or large screen version that matches their device.
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