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Testimonials Enhance Your Brand Credibility

What people say about your law practice matters a whole lot when someone is deciding whether to hire you or hire another lawyer. Your site includes a testimonials database which means you can use a simple form to type in the name of the person giving you the testimonial, add in the quote, upload a photo (optional) and hit submit and that’s it.

The testimonial is now inside a database stored on your site in the background. If you want to display one or more testimonials, we’ve already pre-built a rotating testimonial display that randomly cycles through the testimonials you have received.


Our second core value is USABILITY:

We’ve already done a massive amount of testing to pre-build all the modules you will need for your law firm website. And there is a full tutorial that gives you a step by step approach to updating your site content, adding and removing lawyers, and checking your leads. And of course our support team is always available for a more personal approach.

The first core value of Law Practice Sites is FLEXIBILITY.

We are giving the power back to you by building your site in WordPress so you have maximum flexibility in case you want to divorce us. We mean this in the best way. There is no reason you should be tethered to any website developer. Goals change, partners move on, and other reason could come up that might cause us to split up. So from the first day of working together you are protected. Consider it the first website PreNup.

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