Are You Resourceful?

List Other Websites In Your Resources Section

  • As a lawyer, you live and die by referrals – unless you have an amazing marketing machine that gets you in front of clients year after year
  • Part of growing your referral network is the process of becoming a trusted resource.
  • Online, one of the ways of fostering trust is to become known for knowing where to go for help.
  • A resources section on your site, where you list links to other websites, can be very helpful towards branding your firm as being resourceful.
  • Clients are always calling their lawyers for advice on making a recommendation to another service provider.
  • Think of this resource section as one ingredient in the overall menu of building trust and value.
  • Your site has a resource section that makes it really easy for you to simply add a link and a description and hit submit and your list grows just like that.
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