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The future of your law practice is only as good as your lead pipeline. The more qualified leads coming into your sales funnel, the more clients you will have to keep your firm growing month after month.

A high performance website for lawyers will drive leads if the site meets 3 criteria.

First, is the site should be clean and intuitive so people can easily navigate through the site as they look to answer 3 critical questions: (1) what do you do (ie. practice areas); (2) who do you specializing in representing (e.g. industry expertise); and (3) what makes you better than other attorneys and so good at what you do (e.g. testimonials and awards).

Second is your site should attract search engine rankings. This requires at its core that the site is optimized. And we do that for you. no questions asked.

Third is your site should encourage people to leave you their contact details so you can nurture the leads over time to trust you with their legal matters. We integrate a full court press to comfortably get people to email you or call you. It’s all about nuancing the messaging, the content and the design to create a space of trust and motivation to act.


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